Designed by an endodontist for microsurgeons

Protects face & eyes against surgical splash-back

Promotes ergonomic posture

Replaces goggles & face shields that hinder clear vision

Allows proper eye-relief distance & prevents eye fatigue

Installs without disassembly of your microscope*

Works with all major microscope brands: Zeiss, Global, Seiler, Leica**


Protect Yourself & Invest in Our Future

Your purchase enables Shieldont to give back to residencies serving on the front lines.  

  • Dr. Beller, California

    With COVID, I was ready to throw in the towel on endodontics, until I saw your shield!

  • Dr. Julian Webber, Harley Street Centre for Endodontics, U.K.

    You immediately feel cocooned in a bubble of safety!

  • Dr. Austyn Grisson, UT Houston

    I like it! Honestly, I forget that it is even there!

* Most models install without  disassembly of microscope. Some Global microscopes benefit from a single set-screw replacement (included with shipment).

** Shieldont will fit additional microscope brands by request.  Send request to