The Shieldont Microscope Shield | Advanced Protection for Enhanced Vision

Shieldont is born

Hi, I'm Dr. Nuzum. I've been an endodontist, now, for over 10 years. I'm also a father of five, who has always been intrigued by new ideas, innovation, and design.  Over the past months, practicing with the known COVID-19 risk and subsequent rationing of PPE, I personally experienced natural fear for my own health and that of my my family. With the noble, yet solemn, responsibility for patient care, a heightened awareness emerged in me towards the glaring lack of protection afforded my face and eyes, behind the surgical microscope. 

After exhausting the current ADA and CDC recommendations (goggles, glasses, or face shields), I knew this problem demanded innovation! I needed a shield designed for unobstructed vision, ease of operative hand movement, and ultimately peace of mind!  After many nights, weekends, trials, and prayers, Shieldont was born.

Based on the number of inquiries and requests from doctors worldwide, I decided to create a version of Shieldont that could meet the need in larger quantities, yet didn't have that 'prototype' vibe.  

I also feel called to help our future surgeons and give back to our residency programs. Because of that, I have already committed Shieldont protection for local microsurgical endodontic residencies.  If you'd like to consider donating for this cause, or are a current resident in need of this, please email 

I'm now in the final stages of that design, which includes laser-cut shields plus a 3D-printed brow support, custom fit for your microscope brand and adaptors.  Due to high demand, I'll be fulfilling orders in a first-come-first-serve basis, so please reserve yours now!

Special thanks to Dr. Elliott Rouse, Mechanical Engineering faculty at the University of Michigan Robotics Institute, for his collaboration on this project.